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Two Indications That a Factory Owner Should Get an Air Cannon for Their Premises


Here are two things that might indicate that a factory owner would benefit from getting an air cannon for their premises.

The materials transported in their chutes are robust 

If a factory owner uses their uses to transport materials that are robust and will not become unusable if, for example, they get broken into small pieces in the chute or are subjected to some force, then this could indicate that this business owner should add an air cannon to their chutes. Air cannons are made to resolve blockages in chute systems and are extremely effective at this. However, the way an air cannon does this is by blasting air into a chute with a lot of force. If the materials in a chute that has an air cannon connected to it are very delicate, this blast of air might damage them to such a degree that they become unusable. However, if the materials are durable or will still be usable even if the air cannon breaks them apart, then this equipment could be suitable for use in a chute system.

If a factory owner isn't sure if the materials that they transport in their premises' chutes are too delicate for this equipment, they should consider renting an air cannon for a day, and then deliberately create a small blockage in their chute system with a sampling of their materials. They can then use the rented air cannon to test and see if this equipment can break the blockage apart in a way that doesn't damage the materials. If this test is successful, they can then purchase an air cannon, safe in the knowledge that this equipment is suitable for their operations.

They have a small number of employees who have a lot of tasks to do each day  

If a factory owner has a small number of employees, each of whom has a lot of tasks to get done each day, then they should consider adding some air cannons to their chutes. The reason for this is that when blockages happen in chutes that don't have blockage-dislodging air cannons, the facility's staff need to take on the task of resolving the issue. In situations where the blockage is large, several employees might need to get involved in the dislodging of it and the process could still take a long time. This might then result in these employees falling behind schedule and not having enough time left in the day to attend to their other work tasks. In a factory where there are very few employees and there might not, therefore, be other staff members available to complete these unfinished tasks, frequent blockages like this could cause problems.

In these circumstances, the factory owner might find that their employees are better able to fulfil their responsibilities and that their business operations run more smoothly in general if they have an air cannon connected to their chute system, which would resolve blockages without the need for any employees to get involved in this task.


10 January 2023