Is Auto-Darkening Worth It?


Welding helmets are critical pieces of equipment in the quest to keep welders safe. One major issue welders often face is how bright the light from welding can get, requiring the use of dark face shields. Newer helmets offer an auto-darkening feature, and this has been one of the more celebrated features of welding helmets for a number of reasons. But for your specific job, are the extra cost and weight worth it?

20 July 2022

Tips for Buying Harnesses for Workplace Height Safety


If you're going to be working at heights, you should start looking into the different harnesses that you can purchase to protect yourself. If you're preparing to purchase a harness for height safety purposes, these are all tips that you're going to want to keep in mind. Consider the Design of the Harness First of all, you shouldn't think that all of the harnesses that are sold for height safety purposes are designed the same.

23 March 2022