Why You Should Pay Attention to Air Cannon Nozzles


One of the key features which you should pay attention to when buying air cannons for your processing plant is the nozzles. This article discusses how nozzles can impact the performance of the air cannon assembly.  Cleaning Area The nozzles determine the size of the area which will be cleaned by the discharged blast of air. Some nozzles have a smaller cleaning area than that of other nozzles. Select air cannons whose nozzles have the widest coverage area so that there will be no chance for materials to stick to the walls of your conveyance system.

16 April 2018

Practical Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Old Commercial Air Conditioner


Commercial air conditioners are critical for maintaining the internal climate in business spaces during hot weather. If your unit does not perform as expected, the employees and clients are likely to experience discomfort. Consequently, the productivity of your operation could decline. Unfortunately, if you have an old AC unit, you might not achieve the best cooling levels in your commercial building. This is because the performance of these appliances tends to decline with age.

9 January 2018

Three Important Cost Management Factors for Plastic Fabrication


Plastic products are popular in numerous industrial, commercial and residential applications. Their popularity can be primarily attributed to the low cost of material production and purchase, particularly in comparison to metal. In addition, fabricated plastics are resistant to damage and lightweight. This reduces the long-term costs related to premature replacement, repairs and even operation and transport. On the other hand, the cost of engineering or fabricating plastics can vary widely. This means that your project can be considerably expensive, depending on your fabrication choices.

21 March 2017

Four Questions to Help You Decide If You Want to Add an Elevator to Your Rental Property


If you own a home that has been converted into flats, a small apartment block, a duplex or any other relatively small building that you rent out to tenants, you may be wondering whether or not installing an elevator is a cost effective or necessary addition. There are several factors you should consider as you make your final decision including these questions: 1. Are you legally required to add elevators to your building?

8 August 2016

Technological Trends that Will Improve the Efficiency of Your Fire Alarm Systems


Fire safety is a major concern for institutions and commercial property owners and adopting proper fire management systems can help ease the stress and hazards associated with incidences of fire. Advancements in the fire detection and alarm systems industry have seen the introduction of various technologies that help buildings manage their fire systems better by facilitating rapid fire detection and response time, local identification of fire hazards, and easy maintenance of fire alarm systems.

5 August 2016

A Few Important Tips When Using Wood Chips as Mulch in Your Yard


Wood chips are a great choice for mulch; they're all-natural and usually come from scrap pieces that would otherwise wind up in landfills, and which mean not having to harvest virgin materials to make new mulch. Wood chips are also often available in a wide range of shades; dark red can be a great choice to make your landscaping features stand out in contrast to your green lawn, or you might opt for a brown shade so that the mulch doesn't clash with your garden kerbing.

13 July 2016

Options for fencing a small acreage


If you have a small acreage, you should fence it off from the neighbours to delineate the borders. There are a few different options for the type of fencing you can use. These mostly depend on the reason for putting up a fence. Barbed wire fencing One of the cheapest options for fencing is a barbed wire fence, which consists of four, or more, strands of wire stretched between fence posts.

27 June 2016