Industrial Manufacturing: Understanding Stainless Fasteners


In the world of industrial manufacturing, fasteners play a crucial role in assembling various components together. Among the different types of fasteners available, stainless steel fasteners are particularly popular due to their strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. This blog post takes a look at the key features of stainless steel fasteners, their applications and the factors to consider when selecting them for your manufacturing needs. Read on to explore the intricacies of stainless steel fasteners and how they can be effectively utilised in industrial manufacturing.

30 August 2023

The Three Main Types of Laser Level


Laser levels are the up-to-date version of spirit levels, using a laser beam to show a line or dot on the wall or floor where you need it. Which type you buy will depend on the job you are doing, but there are three main types. Line lasers This type of level will project a straight line on a horizontal or vertical axis. It can usually project both lines simultaneously, producing either a cross or two whole lines.

20 March 2023

Two Indications That a Factory Owner Should Get an Air Cannon for Their Premises


Here are two things that might indicate that a factory owner would benefit from getting an air cannon for their premises. The materials transported in their chutes are robust  If a factory owner uses their uses to transport materials that are robust and will not become unusable if, for example, they get broken into small pieces in the chute or are subjected to some force, then this could indicate that this business owner should add an air cannon to their chutes.

10 January 2023