Why You Should Pay Attention to Air Cannon Nozzles


One of the key features which you should pay attention to when buying air cannons for your processing plant is the nozzles. This article discusses how nozzles can impact the performance of the air cannon assembly.  Cleaning Area The nozzles determine the size of the area which will be cleaned by the discharged blast of air. Some nozzles have a smaller cleaning area than that of other nozzles. Select air cannons whose nozzles have the widest coverage area so that there will be no chance for materials to stick to the walls of your conveyance system.

16 April 2018

Practical Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Old Commercial Air Conditioner


Commercial air conditioners are critical for maintaining the internal climate in business spaces during hot weather. If your unit does not perform as expected, the employees and clients are likely to experience discomfort. Consequently, the productivity of your operation could decline. Unfortunately, if you have an old AC unit, you might not achieve the best cooling levels in your commercial building. This is because the performance of these appliances tends to decline with age.

9 January 2018