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Practical Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Old Commercial Air Conditioner


Commercial air conditioners are critical for maintaining the internal climate in business spaces during hot weather. If your unit does not perform as expected, the employees and clients are likely to experience discomfort. Consequently, the productivity of your operation could decline. Unfortunately, if you have an old AC unit, you might not achieve the best cooling levels in your commercial building. This is because the performance of these appliances tends to decline with age. However, if you are diligent in the maintenance of your system, you will ensure better performance and improved efficiency. Here are some practical upkeep guidelines to consider using for your old commercial air conditioner.

Watch the Thermostat

You should avoid adjusting the thermostat unnecessarily. Often, when the weather is hot, the users of AC units tend to turn down the settings too low. The common misconception is that the room will become cooler faster. This practice can be highly detrimental to your old appliance. Typically, when you set the thermostat to a low setting, it forces the appliance to work harder, straining the motor unnecessarily. Therefore, the rate of wear and tear increases significantly. Moreover, the energy demands increase, and this translates into higher utility bills.

Replace the Filters

The most obvious maintenance process for commercial ACs is the replacement of air filters. Unfortunately, most old appliances do not receive this type of care. There are neglected for prolonged periods, and over time, the filters become clogged. Clogged filters can be detrimental to an old commercial air conditioner. In simple terms, the blocked holes will not allow the free flow of the cooled air. Therefore, the appliance will have to work harder to force the air into the interior space and maintain the set temperature. You can reduce your energy consumption and prolong the appliance lifespan by performing this maintenance task. When replacing the filters, you should clean the vents for the best outcome.

Check the Refrigerant

Finally, you should hire an HVAC contractor to check the refrigerant levels in your appliance. This process is critical if your AC has not been cooling your commercial space as expected. If there is a leak in the coolant lines, the technician will detect the problem and resolve it. In addition, when the refrigerant is correctly recharged, your unit should work at optimal levels for longer. 

Commercial air conditioners are not everlasting. Therefore, if your appliance is old and inefficient, you should start planning for the purchase and installation of a new AC unit. If you'd like more information, contact companies like MTA Australasia.


9 January 2018