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Why You Should Pay Attention to Air Cannon Nozzles


One of the key features which you should pay attention to when buying air cannons for your processing plant is the nozzles. This article discusses how nozzles can impact the performance of the air cannon assembly. 

Cleaning Area

The nozzles determine the size of the area which will be cleaned by the discharged blast of air. Some nozzles have a smaller cleaning area than that of other nozzles. Select air cannons whose nozzles have the widest coverage area so that there will be no chance for materials to stick to the walls of your conveyance system. Read the product literature in order to compare the cleaning area of the nozzles.

Nozzle Positioning

The best air cannons have nozzles which are positioned at an angle to the cannon. Such a position makes it possible for the air cannon to be installed first before the nozzles are installed. Consequently, it will be easy for you to replace the nozzles since you will not have to disassemble the entire air cannon system first.

Cost Savings

Innovative air cannon nozzle designs also make it possible for you to reduce equipment downtime. This is because you don't have to take the equipment out of service in order to replace worn nozzles. You can therefore save the money which you would have lost during the time when the equipment was stopped so that the old nozzles can be removed and replaced with new ones.


Air cannons can also perform for longer without developing defects if their nozzles are retractable. This design feature enables the nozzles to retract from the path of materials after the cannon has fired. In this way, the nozzles will be saved from the accelerated wear which can result from the repeated abrasive action of the materials which are flowing through the equipment to which the air cannon is attached. The nozzles are also shielded from the high temperatures which often characterise materials which are flowing under pressure. High temperatures are one of the biggest problem factors for system components.

As you can see, the design of the nozzles in an air cannon plays an important role in determining how well the system will perform once it is installed. However, you should note that an incorrect type or size of air cannon will prevent you from getting the benefits which you expect. Ask an expert to assess your application so that the most appropriate air cannons will be recommended for installation


16 April 2018