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Three Important Cost Management Factors for Plastic Fabrication


Plastic products are popular in numerous industrial, commercial and residential applications. Their popularity can be primarily attributed to the low cost of material production and purchase, particularly in comparison to metal. In addition, fabricated plastics are resistant to damage and lightweight. This reduces the long-term costs related to premature replacement, repairs and even operation and transport. On the other hand, the cost of engineering or fabricating plastics can vary widely. This means that your project can be considerably expensive, depending on your fabrication choices. Here is a brief description of the primary factors affecting the cost of a custom plastic manufacturing project.

Resin Material Choice

There are numerous plastic materials that can be used to manufacture various components and products. These have different properties with regard to strength, chemical resistance and thermal performance. Therefore, the cost of the raw resin will also be different. If you want to efficiently manage your fabrication finances, you should consider your options diligently before selection. For example, there are two distinct categories of plastics, and there are diverse unique resins under each class. High performance plastics with exceptional mechanical strength and resistance are known as engineering plastics. They are extremely durable and resilient, but the cost is higher. On the other hand, commodity plastics are inexpensive. However, they do not perform well in high stress applications or extreme conditions.

Product Design

The design of your custom plastic product will affect the total cost of your fabrication project. Therefore, you should discuss your expectations and their financial implications with both your design engineer and the fabricator. If the required plastic component is complex and intricate, the process of creating a suitable mould will be costlier. Moreover, the pertinent products might have to be made in several parts and then joined if a suitable whole mould cannot be created. Therefore, you should aim to simplify your designs in order to minimise the cost of fabrication. You should also note that larger plastic products are more expensive to produce. This is because it takes longer to form an appropriate mould and special tooling might be required.

Special Product Features

The additional features or elements incorporated into plastic products can significantly increase the total costs. Therefore, you should consider the financial repercussions before requesting for fabrication 'extras'. High cosmetic finishes improve aesthetic value, but they require additional labour and finances. The inclusion of ribbing and custom branding on the product surface will also mean increased costs. Therefore, evaluate your need for special features before making your order.


21 March 2017