Industrial Equipment and Supplies: The Right Choices for Your Industry

Whether you own a restaurant, a drilling rig, a contracting company or any other types of company, you may have to buy or hire industrial equipment and supplies. However, the best equipment and supplies vary based on your industry. Hi, my name is Joe, and as a jack of all trades, I have worked in countless industries. As I am the type of person to notice everything, I have picked up a lot over the years. In this blog, I am going to share that wealth of knowledge with you. Here, I am going to discuss how to pick the best industrial equipment for your industry and help you make tough decisions about repairs, buying-versus-hiring and much more. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I'm glad you found it.

Options for fencing a small acreage


If you have a small acreage, you should fence it off from the neighbours to delineate the borders. There are a few different options for the type of fencing you can use. These mostly depend on the reason for putting up a fence.

Barbed wire fencing

One of the cheapest options for fencing is a barbed wire fence, which consists of four, or more, strands of wire stretched between fence posts. You will also need the droppers in between the posts, which help to keep the strands taut and the fence looking strong.

A barbed wire fence is a good way to mark the borders of your plot. It is also a good option to keep larger animals off the land or to force them to stay on your plot. This is not the most effective type of fencing if you want to keep people off your land, though, as it is relatively easy to climb through a barbed wire fence. The option is to have a higher fence with an increased number of strands and droppers to keep the wires tight and difficult to get through.

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is usually fairly high and is a good, strong option to fence a property and to ensure that people will be deterred from trying to find a way onto the property. These fences are usually made of steel or aluminium. They are long lasting and retain their security for a long time. But, palisade is also more costly than barbed wire.

Diamond mesh fencing

Diamond mesh is a good way to keep both animals and humans off your property. It can also be an attractive fencing option. Diamond mesh rolls are usually long but not very wide, so it may be necessary to use two lengths of the fencing on top of each other.

You will need the fence posts to which the diamond mesh is attached. This is a more cost effective option to fences that are really a form of invisible wall.

Invisible wall

This fence is a good option to secure the boundaries of any property. The gaps in the wire of the fence are very small and it is considered to be an effective option. It is also, perhaps, the most costly fencing option available if it is a rather large amount of acreage you are wanting to fence.

Timber fencing

If you want to use a material for fencing around your property that is as natural as possible, you can use timber fencing. This could be in the form of slats that are placed fairly close together that will create a barrier to animals and humans that is almost as solid as a wall. You could also use horizontal poles resting on vertical 'stands' to create an effective fence for larger animals, but one that will not deter any humans.


27 June 2016