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Your Two-in-One Machine: What is a Tracked Access Platform?


Working at height can prove challenging, especially when crossing difficult terrain becomes cumbersome for heavy access equipment. Whether you are a construction worker, painter, electrician, or tree surgeon, it is important that whichever elevating working platform you use be safe and reliable in all terrains. New technology and design in the construction industry has seen improvement in projects that involve working at height, and the innovation of the tracked access platform leads the way.

What is a tracked access platform?

Tracked access platforms are machine powered access platforms that specialize in minimizing the challenges posed by difficult terrain due to adverse weather and challenging ground conditions. They do not operate on four wheels like conventional elevating working platforms. Instead, the access platform is mounted onto a continuous track which spreads the weight of the machine over a large surface area.

Tracked access platforms can maneuver through undulating terrain, fragile flooring, and even steps with ease. They are ideal two-in-one solutions for a range of indoor and outdoor elevating projects.

What are the advantages of tracked access platforms?

Tracked access platforms have various advantages that make them versatile and ideal for all projects that involve working at height. They include the following:

•    Compactness and flexibility

Tracked access platforms have a compact design that allows them access to narrow passages with ease. Most tracked access platforms are designed with multiple hinges on their arm, which allows flexibility when working around obstacles like buildings. They are also able to access high ceilings and rooftops.

Their flexible legs can be set in precise position, making them stable and secure from toppling even when accessing unstable and uneven terrains such as steps and stairways. Also, these machines can be folded away for easy transportation to the site.

•    Odorless and noiseless

Unlike conventional elevating working platforms, electric-powered tracked access platforms do not emit harmful gasses and fumes into the atmosphere. Also, they operate without any loud motor noises making them ideal for indoor projects.

•    Automation

The machines can be easily transported from one location to another on the project site through the use of remote controls. Most tracked machines also come with an automatic self-stabilizing system which automatically and proportionally manages the stability of the lift for maximum safety.

Using tracked access platforms in construction and other projects that require working at height reduces the costs and risks of working on flimsy ground and on uneven and unstable terrains. It makes tracked access platforms your two-in-one solution for both indoor and outdoor projects.


9 June 2016