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An Overview of the Different Kinds of Power Brushes


You will need to buy some type of power brush if you are planning to open a metal fabrication shop. That power brush will enable you (and your staff) to remove any surface contaminants or blemishes (such as rust) from the materials you are working with. This article discusses some of the common types of power brushes.

Tube Brushes

These are also called bottle or flue brushes. They are very good for de-burring (smoothening) the internal parts of metal tubes and cylinders. Their bristles are in the form of spirals. The tube brushes may have single or double bristle configurations. The single spiral bristle version is good for manual de-burring, while the double configuration is ideal for any heavy-duty de-burring task (where the brush is attached to a power tool as an attachment). The brush bristles or filaments are made from a variety of materials such as carbon, brass or nylon. You should contact your supplier of industrial machinery products for advice on which material is best suited for the products you will be using the brush to clean.

Wheel Brushes

These can have filaments/bristles that are crimped or knotted. The crimped ones are used when you want a very fine/smooth finish on the product you use them on. For instance, you can use a crimped wheel power brush to smoothen the surface of a rusted ball bearing. The knotted wheel brushes have wires/filaments that are twisted or conformed so that they interlink to one another. This variety of wheel brush is very good for use if you want a significant abrasive action, such as when using the brush as a grinder to prepare a material for painting with multiple coats of paint.

End Brushes

These are small. The filaments of these brushes are bundled into a structure that looks like a cup. An end brush is ideal for precision work because of its small size. For instance, you can use it to clean the hard-to-reach parts inside a machine at your fabrication shop. End power brushes also come in knotted or crimped filament configurations.

You may need to have all the different power brushes above in your fabrication shop. This will enable you to use the most appropriate one for a given task. These power tools are potentially dangerous since particles can fly into the air around you, injuring your eyes. Always wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), like goggles. The industrial machinery products supplier will guide you on how to get optimal service from these tools.


19 November 2015