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Common Questions about Structural Insulated Panels


Structural insulated panels are composite building materials made by putting two layers of structural board (plywood or cement, for example) on the outside of an insulating core (extruded polystyrene foam, for example). This article discusses some questions you may have about this building material.

How Can I Save By Using Insulated Panels?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) can enable you to realize savings in many ways. First, you may make savings during the construction process because it takes a shorter time to raise a house frame made from these panels. This reduced construction time means you will pay less for labour. Another area where you may realize savings is in the cost of cooling or heating your home. Structural insulation panels create a very airtight shell so draughts will be minimal. Thus, your HVAC system will cost less to run since it will be easy to keep conditioned air in your home.

Can I Attach Siding to SIPs As I Would On Any Other Surface?

SIPs have little lumber in them so it may be necessary to use more fasteners than you would use to attach siding to other exterior construction material. You should first read the siding installation guidelines provided by the siding manufacturer since they may provide guidance on how to install them on insulated panels. If the manual is silent on the issue then you can consult the supplier of the SIPs for advice.

How Are the Panels Supported?

Structural insulated panels do not usually require additional support since their design makes them self-sufficient in that regard. For instance, the foam inside the panel acts as webbing while the plywood/cement exterior works as the beam holding up the webbing. The only support you need to provide is during the panel installation process.

 Can the Panels Block Sound?

The performance of insulated panels in attenuating sound may not be very high due to the low overall mass of the insulating core. However, the particular drywall and finishing materials used can improve the sound attenuation abilities of these structural insulating panels. It is advisable that you discuss this issue with your SIP supplier if sound blockage is a major concern that you have.

Experienced professionals should do insulated panels installation so that no mistake is made to compromise their effectiveness. For instance, gaps between individual panels should be sealed so the structure is airtight the way it was designed to be.


7 August 2015