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Tips on Keeping Your House Cooler During the Summer


As any air conditioning unit owner, you probably have had to deal with a period of time when the air that came out of the unit felt like the air that comes out of a ventilator. Cooling issues such as those, as well as insulation issues and problems with the AC equipment itself, are easily fixed by a professional contractor. Here are three tips on how to deal with your air conditioning problem without needing to go to the trouble of replacing the whole unit.

Check the ductwork for any leak

If your AC unit is older than a couple years, it is possible that a duct has developed a leak through which the cooling liquid can easily escape, either through a wall or a floor space. To someone without any experience, leaks such as these are invisible. This is why you must use a basic smoke pen in order to detect the presence of any leaks. Leaky ducts are the most common HVAC repair services that professionals have to deal with, and a simple repair will greatly improve your unit's cooling capacity.

Check for any problems with the insulation

If your AC unit is relatively new and you experience cooling issues, they might be caused by an insulation problem. This can also happen in houses where the windows and doors haven't been replaced in a long time, as they can also develop insulation issues throughout time. By simply applying weather stripping on the edges of your doors and windows, you can greatly improve the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit. This is a tip that doesn't necessarily target air conditioners, but it can help them work optimally.

Check the cooling liquid

Without having enough refrigerant solution, the air conditioning unit that you own will be unable to properly cool down your house. Cooling liquid is essential to your AC unit working efficiently. If you notice that your unit is losing refrigerant as a result of duct leaks, you have to understand that this situation will not fix itself over time. You shouldn't just keep refilling your refrigerant solution because it will constantly leak through the cracked ducts. In this case, you absolutely have to fix the leaky ducts before continuing to add more cooling liquid.

The three tips mentioned above will aid you in locating the cause of most cooling problems, but they shouldn't serve as a replacement for professional service. If your air conditioning unit isn't working properly, seek help from an HVAC service and get the issue solved immediately. 

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9 July 2015