Industrial Equipment and Supplies: The Right Choices for Your Industry

Whether you own a restaurant, a drilling rig, a contracting company or any other types of company, you may have to buy or hire industrial equipment and supplies. However, the best equipment and supplies vary based on your industry. Hi, my name is Joe, and as a jack of all trades, I have worked in countless industries. As I am the type of person to notice everything, I have picked up a lot over the years. In this blog, I am going to share that wealth of knowledge with you. Here, I am going to discuss how to pick the best industrial equipment for your industry and help you make tough decisions about repairs, buying-versus-hiring and much more. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I'm glad you found it.

A Senior's Guide to Saving Money on AC


An air conditioner is a valuable asset during Australian summers, but for seniors it is of great importance to prevent heat-related illnesses. If you're on a pension, however, the cost of using the air conditioner can be a significant blow to the budget. Rather than put your health at risk by keeping the air conditioner off this summer, follow this guide to save money on your air conditioning and keep yourself comfortable and healthy.

Keep your air conditioner well maintained

A well-maintained air conditioner will operate at maximum efficiency, and cost less to run. Vacuum the filters in your air conditioner regularly, and replace them biannually to ensure the filtration system remains in good working order. If you are unsure of how to remove the filters, ask a relative or carer for assistance, or contact your local air conditioning installation professional.

Set the thermostat

Don't try to fight the elements and keep your home as cool as an igloo. Setting the thermostat at a moderate range of 18-20 degrees C is a comfortable temperature, and you will make a significant saving on your electricity bill by preventing excessive cooling. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, run your air conditioner on low.

Keep the heat at bay

Give your air conditioner a helping hand, and take preventative measures to keep your home dark and cool.

  • Use thick block-out curtains or blinds
  • Seal any gaps under the doors to prevent drafts
  • Shut doors to rooms that you're not using during the day, such as the laundry or spare bedroom
  • Try to avoid using any appliances that produce significant heat throughout the day, including your oven, dishwasher and clothes dryer
  • Switch your traditional light bulbs for LED or CFL bulbs—they produce less heat and electricity
  • Keep lights and electronic appliances to a minimum, as they all omit heat during use
  • Consider installing reflective tint on main windows that absorb lots of heat throughout the day
  • Plant some shady trees or shrubs around your air conditioning unit outside your home

Get out and about

Give your air conditioner a break on warmer days, and take advantage of public spaces with air conditioning. Escape to your local public library to read the paper or a good book for a few hours, visit the shopping centre for some window shopping or a cool beverage, or even treat yourself to a matinee at the movie theatre.

Make savings in other areas

A great way of minimising the financial cost of summer cooling is to make savings on your electricity bill in other areas. Turn off any appliances that are not in use at the power point. Take advantage of the warmer weather and hang your clothes out to dry on the washing line instead of using the clothes dryer. Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot can also help you make considerable savings.

Your refrigerator requires 24/7 electricity supply, so make sure the doors are sealing properly, and the thermostat is not too high. Replacing any perished or cracked seals can significantly increase the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Don't suffer through the summer heat—use your air conditioner wisely and efficiently, and make your comfort and health a priority. For more tips and suggestions, consult resources like Bell-Air Air Conditioning Pty Ltd.


21 April 2015