Industrial Equipment and Supplies: The Right Choices for Your Industry

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Industrial Vibrating Conveyors: Designed To Meet Your Material-Handling Needs Efficiently


Whether you operate a food processing plant, work as a mining contractor, deal in lumber or do any other type of business that involves material handling, industrial vibrating conveyors can prove to be very useful working tools. In that line, here are some key attributes of industrial vibrating conveyors that can enhance the efficiency of material handling in your business.

Built To Withstand Even The Toughest Working Environments

Vibrating conveyors are built to operate as very simple constructions yet they can withstand even the most rugged of working conditions. In essence, they have a trough or tray that is often made of stainless steel and sends vibration via a to-and-fro motion to smoothly move materials such as processed food products, chemicals, mined raw materials, and timber from one part of the conveyor system to another.

These trays are made waterproof, non-corrosive, and abrasion resistant so that the conveyors can serve you for a long time even when you are working in wet environs, dealing with reactive chemicals or handling sharp abrasive elements respectively.

Low Maintenance Demands

Maintaining industrial equipment can be rather time-consuming and expensive because some equipment may require complete disassembling of constituent parts to facilitate proper cleaning. Since employing professional cleaning services for any piece of equipment adds to its maintenance costs, it is important for you to keep it in a clean environment.

For that reason, vibrating conveyors can be sealed through the simple application of anti-dust wrappers, eradicating the spread of even the smallest particles and ensuring a clean and healthy working environment. Likewise, when paired with flexible connectors, gas-tight covers can help to eliminate condensation and, thus, keep your conveyors dry.

Amazing Energy Efficiency

Even when they are running at extremely high speeds, vibrating conveyors will still always work efficiently. This is because the vibrating fluids in the conveyors will ensure efficient cooling, which in turn lowers product temperature for reduced condensation and safer material handling.

Since drying and cooling can be carried out simultaneously, the entire conveyance process minimizes total energy wastage.  Thus, you will be able to move heavy materials at the speed that you desire, in the bulk required while cutting down energy costs at the same time.

Summing up, there are many industrial vibrating conveyors in the market for you to choose from. Thus, you should consult a specialised manufacturer like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia) in order to acquire a product that will work best for your specific application.


26 February 2015