A Senior's Guide to Saving Money on AC


An air conditioner is a valuable asset during Australian summers, but for seniors it is of great importance to prevent heat-related illnesses. If you're on a pension, however, the cost of using the air conditioner can be a significant blow to the budget. Rather than put your health at risk by keeping the air conditioner off this summer, follow this guide to save money on your air conditioning and keep yourself comfortable and healthy.

21 April 2015

Simple Tips for Increasing Fire Safety in the Office


Office fires are rare but they do happen, so it's good for office managers and company owners to think about fire safety and prevention. Very often a few simple tips can help to prevent most fires that happen in the office and can also protect employees in case one does occur. Note a few of these tips and consider implementing them in your office right away. 1. Limit Space Heaters and Mug Warmers, and All Other Warming Devices

17 April 2015

5 Tips For Keeping Hydraulic Hoses In Peak Working Condition


Hydraulic hose is an essential part of the heavy machinery in many industries. To prevent loss of working hours and production time, here are 5 tips to keep your hose working harder for longer. Purchase quality hose When purchasing hydraulic hose, ensure it meets the required Australian standards for your industry, particularly if buying from an overseas manufacturer. The testing facilities in foreign manufacturing plants are not always as comprehensive as they should be.

25 March 2015

Essential Tools For Homeowners


The cost of fixing and restoring items and structures in residential properties can be high due to the labour charges and the expense of replacement parts. This detriment to your monthly budget can be significantly reduced by handling some of the repair tasks without professional assistance. With a basic toolkit, you can handle many tasks including mending broken timber structures, fix loose fixtures and even modifying items to suit your needs.

6 March 2015

Hydraulic Pump Systems: Common Problems and Causes


Periodic maintenance is vital in industrial environments especially when working with hydraulic machinery. When failures occur in the piping network or the pumping mechanism, you should be able to detect the anomalies fast through proactive troubleshooting and get professional assistance before complete system breakdown. This will limit the extent of adverse consequences including unnecessary downtimes, expensive equipment repairs, environmental problems and safety hazards. Here are some of the most common problems to watch out for in hydraulic systems.

3 March 2015

Industrial Vibrating Conveyors: Designed To Meet Your Material-Handling Needs Efficiently


Whether you operate a food processing plant, work as a mining contractor, deal in lumber or do any other type of business that involves material handling, industrial vibrating conveyors can prove to be very useful working tools. In that line, here are some key attributes of industrial vibrating conveyors that can enhance the efficiency of material handling in your business. Built To Withstand Even The Toughest Working Environments Vibrating conveyors are built to operate as very simple constructions yet they can withstand even the most rugged of working conditions.

26 February 2015

5 Tips for Making Your Receiving Area Safer for Your Materials and Crew


When you manage a production facility or warehouse of any sort, you want to ensure your receiving area is safe for your materials and for your crew. A few simple products and changes to this area can make your warehouse safer for personnel and for any materials that are being received and moved on the floor. Note the following tips. 1. Add curb ramps If your receiving area doesn't have enough docks or you regularly receive smaller boxes brought in with a dolly, consider adding curb ramps.

19 February 2015